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Have a Jacob Johnson, Charley Brown Christmas

Jacob Johnson’s spirited rendition of Christmas Time is Here via his vintage, well played EAN10C (currently P3DC) seems to offer the perfect infusion of holiday spirit and acoustic guitar magic to usher in the season – and escort 2020 out the door.

The Accidentals / How Many Hands

The song How Many Hands (does it take to get a grip), the band’s illuminating distress flare, was originally written for the purpose of getting out the vote in tandem with organizations like and Head Count and IVoted

About Rick Whelden

Rick, with his indomitable spirit, unswerving commitment and true love of music was absolutely key to the full realization of Charlie Kaman’s vision of the acoustic guitar unleashed

Reba Meyers / Acoustic

As the pandemic induced lockdown hamstrung the 2020 tour season and relegated rabid road dogs to homebound wall climbers, Code Orange, who Rolling Stone called “America’s Hungriest Metal Band” was channeling their primal instincts into the notion of taking the pervasive living-room livestream performance format, and turning it onto its head.

Franck Phillipo and the Hirade TH90

When trying to describe Phillipo’s touch and feel, the word “exquisite” comes to mind – a marriage of artist and instrument that would make any guitar artisan proud to have been involved.