Latest Takamine News


Springsteen’s Back on Broadway

Bruce Springsteen’s award winning autobiographical one man show, is back for a limited run of 31 performances beginning June 26th through September 4th at the St. James Theater in New York City

Night Train Arrives

Night Train is one of five songs on the Accidentals forthcoming’ Time Out EP, written and recorded during the pandemic and scheduled for a May 7th release.

Ben Allen Joins Takamine Roster

I can literally and proudly say I’ve played a Takamine guitar every single gig I’ve ever played, 1,500 and counting, adding to the many reasons I’m so proud to be on the Takamine roster

Blake’s To-Do List

Check out this remote performance of Minimum Wage featuring Blake’s great band and reigning CMA Musician of the Year, Jenee Fleenor